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Family (Working Title)

Adult siblings struggle with the death of their father and deal with an overbearing mother who they blame for the strained relationship between their parents. Each of them is fulfilling a role they feel destined to uphold. Secrets are revealed and understanding slowly brings the family closer together in the hope of a new beginning. Rated R for language and adult content.

CAST (3W, 3M)

Rachel, family caretaker.  Self-proclaimed protagonist.  Late 20s.  Sarcastic and intelligent.

Adelaide, youngest child.  Pretty, knows it, dresses fashionably.  Early 20s.  Sweet, but strong.

Margot, mother.  Wealthy socialite with little time for family squabbles.  50s. Proud, strong.

Jack, oldest child.  Business man, ladder-climbing.  Early 30s.  Focused and dominant.

Kurt, Jack’s partner.  Wise and gentle.  30s.  The voice of reason for Rachel.

Carl Jones, Family friend.  Comes to mend fences.  Late 50s.

Audition Information will be released February 1st, 2019