Marilyn Monroe wakes up in the Payne-Whitney Mental Institution, 1961. Plagued by demons of doubt and depressive thoughts, she must attempt to make peace with her past and battle the darkness in the form of a looming shadow of a bear. Written specifically to be a companion piece for Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, we explore the devastation of thought spirals and false accusations as well as a strong female bond that overcomes the evil surrounding them.

Directed by: Mandy Rausch

Audition Dates: TBA
Audition & Rehearsal Location: TBA
Rehearsal Location: TBA
Rehearsal Period: Spring 2019
Production Location:Keller, TX.
Production Dates: Spring 2019


Marilyn Monroe: (Female, 25-30)
A woman who endured. Should be easily recognizable as Marilyn Monroe, but with the understanding that this is a side of her we’ve so rarely seen.

Gladys: (Female, 40’s-50’s) Marilyn’s mother. Has lived in the mental institution for years.
Grandmother (Della): (Female, 60’s-70’s) Marilyn’s Grandmother. Messy, aged, haunted.

Bears: (Gender Neutral) Deep, powerful voices of the bear-shaped shadow. Represents depression and anxiety in its most horrifying forms. Should blend well together to create an eerie effect, and should disappear into the voices when appropriate.

A Chorus of Voices: (Gender Neutral) 5-6 people in all black. The voices that accompany the darkness. A Greek chorus of sorts, there should be no definable features, including faces. They hang around, moving when appropriate. A metaphor for thought spirals. Also take the form of Director, Paula Strasberg, Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, Clark Gable, Kay Gable and Attendant.